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Bad news about Alessandra

As most of you will know, my good friend - and sometimes business advisor - and XDA-Developers member LTxda (known for various projects, including the "Project" ROM series) spread the word about his almost-two-year-old daughter having melanoma back in September, 2008.

Ever since, LTxda, his family and of course especially his daughter have been fighting this disease with everything they have. Many doctors, specialists, treatments, everything have been thrown at it.

Widespread support, prayers, thoughts and 'status updates' have been posted in the thread on XDA-Developers. An official site was started as well.

Yesterday, another good friend of both myself and LTxda, AstainHellbring brought us the bad news:

"Hey guys Ltxda asked me to pass this on to you all: "The Doctors have said that Alessandra is too weak to continue the prodedures. The cancer had spread to her lungs colon stomach and heart. We are going home to let her pass in peace. Thank you for all your support and help through this troubling time for my family. Thank you for your future support as well.""

It seems there is nothing more that can be done, and the worst possible outcome will soon become reality for this family.

LTxda, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope you all have the strength to get through this.