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Windows Mobile 6.x Hackery Explained

This week, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace was closed. The end of an era :)

EU developers and market(place)

Introduction and disclaimer

Turbo3D v3.0 *FINAL* released

Turbo3D v3.0 (formerly known as HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch) has been released both on XDA and Marketplace (experiment).

2.60 BETA release HD2 3D drivers

Time for another update!

2.50 BETA release HD2 3D drivers

There's a new BETA version (2.50) of my HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch out. I need some non-stock-ROM, Expo, TG-01 and S200/F1 testers :)

HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch v2.0 released !

Version 2.0 of my HD2 3D driver patch has been released. This version brings full configuration of the driver settings (+ UI).

WMLongLife 0.66 released!

WMLongLife has been updated to v0.66. The only changes are a small bugfix regarding background connections and the removal of the timebomb.

mmTask 1.2 released on Marketplace

Today (March 12) mmTask 1.2 was released on Marketplace. 1.0 had been available for a while, but still had some issues - as some of the comments on Marketplace also state.

LG Expo GSensor

Due to excessive nagging primarily from jug6ernaut but also a few others, I've attempted to make a HTC GSensor Emulator for the LG Expo GSensor.

AutoClosePatch 1.1 released

Updated to 1.1 on 24 February 2010

WP7 can run WM6 apps (

This just in through Windows Phone 7 Series can run Windows Mobile 6.x applications!

Premature ramblings about WP7

So, yesterday was Microsoft's press conference about Windows Phone 7 Series. I'm sure we all saw it and many have written up their responses to it. I thought to let it sink it in for a day before writing about it, and that day has now passed. There a ...

HD2 (S200, etc) display settings

Here are some options that can be configured in \windows\yamato_panel.txt . This file may not exist on your device, but it will be used if you create it manually.

Some news on WM7 from posted some a Windows Mobile 7 preview (click) with some slightly different information than (at least I) previously heard.

WMLongLife 0.65 released!

Small bugfix update release. However it also comes with a small API now!

MultASync 0.80 released

MultASync 0.80 has been released (BETA!). Check out the thread at XDA-Developers.

SensorLib: a peek at the future

So, we all know many new devices have much of the same sensors: GSensor, Compass, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, etc.

WMWifiRouter wins Silver in Samsung contest

Well as you all know I hardly post anything about WMWifiRouter on this blog, as that is the domain of Morose Media these days.

HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch v1.1 released

The name says it all. Once again, HTC fails at drivers.

Marketplace "advanced" "copy protection" cracked

As posted in the XDA thread here:

CFC and CFC GUI updated to 0.60

CFC and CFC GUI have been updated to version 0.60 and 0.60.35 respectively.

TF3D v1.3 port for Omnia II (and similar devices) released

The subject says it all:

CFC 0.60 in testing

CFC 0.60 is in testing by some chefs right now. The CFC GUI app is not fully compatible with Manila/Sense 2.5+ yet, but the basic functions to be able to create a CFC compressed package should work now.

First version of OpenGLv1 for Omnia II released

The first version of the OpenGL v1 (and HTC) compatibility layer for the Omnia II, Omnia Pro (QWERTY) and Giorgio Armani 2 has been released by GinKage at Modaco.

About: RoamFreely

RoamFreely (formerly a part of WMLongLife) is an application to automatically disable data connections when roaming and re-enabling when not roaming, all in one easy service.

Marketplace "copy protection" cracked

Marketplace "copy protection" cracked ("standard") - method not disclosed:

FPU Enabler v0.70 released!

Small update to FPU Enabler, to fix the crash issue among other things. Some more instructions supported as well (though not all of them very useful).

About: FPU Enabler

See my post at Modaco, also for the actual download:

WMLongLife 0.61 released!

WMLongLife version 0.61.205 has been released. Alas not nearly everything I wanted to fix has been fixed. Next update :)

MultASync 0.75 released!

MultASync 0.75 has been released (BETA!). Check out the thread at XDA-Developers.

GfxBoost 1.2 released

GfxBoost [HTC-MSM7K] has been updated to version 1.2. See the thread at

About: Omnia II / Pro GL ES v1 Compatibility Layer

I have started work in a OpenGL ES v1 compatibility layer for the Omnia II and Pro. This to make older OpenGL ES apps function on these new devices.

A video of "MultiActiveSync" in action

Here's a crappy video of the work-in-progress in action:

About: MultiActiveSync

WMLongLife 0.60 released!

WMLongLife 0.60 has finally been released to the general public!

TD2 and TP2 review

YouWantThat posted my review about the Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz) and Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium).

WMLongLife 0.50 BETA

As posted in the thread, I'm opening up WMLongLife 0.50 for a select few BETA testers ... right now!

About: TP2 1% Increment Battery Driver

I promised in one of the threads here that I would look into our (EU !) Rhodiums only reporting battery in 10% increments. As I received my Rhodiums today I did look into this. However, I didn't figure it out. I did see the structure of the battery d ...

About: Taskbar Customizer

Taskbar Customizer is an effort to give you a proper good-looking many colored taskbar in WM, that your friend will drool over. At the time of writing it is in design stage.

CFC updated to 0.55

CFC and CFC GUI have been updated to version 0.55 and 0.55.25 respectively.

Higher ratio on CFC compression

Seems I overlooked something when building the CFC compressor. After revisiting it in my head today over my morning coffee and ciggarette, a very obvious optimization struck me.

WMLongLife for CDMA

Thanks to some heavy use of IDA, and hack-testing by Dan-<device>, Conflipper and AstainHellbring, it seems we have figured out 2G/3G band switching for MSM7K CDMA (MSM75xx). In this case, 2G is 1xRTT only, 3G is Hybrid, and 3G 'Force' is EV-DO ...


As some of you may know the latest update to CFC enabled UltraHQ mode - PNG quality inside QTC files.

RC4: Raphael Elite Project ROM [GSM]

RC4 of the Raphael Elite Project ROM [GSM] is being released by MrVanx as I write this.

Getting reversed already :{

Seems an XDA-Developers member is already reversing WMLongLife code.

Sakajati [Hyperdragon] in trouble?

XDA-Developers member wg5566 posted some bad news over in this thread.

GfxBoost extra background info

I just wanted to explain some stuff some of you may and/or may not be aware of. Please consider that I am not a Qualcomm engineer and how I see things are probably not always 100% correct, and my own research on these things is still in progress / ev ...

About: GfxBoost

For HTC-built MSM7K-based devices only! All MSM7K are technically capable, but only HTC's may have the correct drivers. Will probably not work on stock ROMs. I suspect the CDMA versions of the older MSM7K devices - pre-diamond - do not have the neces ...

About: TF3Dv2 [xboxmod]

I'm lightly involved in xboxmod's TF3Dv2 port. My contributions have mainly been patches to background images/rendering, aside from the obvious of CFC compression being used.

About: DriverWiz

From the thread on XDA-Developers:

About: WMLongLife

NOTICE: This software is only for the GSM variants of these devices: MSM7xxx based devices, Samsung i900 Omnia, Samsung i780 !!

About: Raphael Elite Project ROM

The Raphael Elite Project ROM is the Touch Pro version of the well know "Project" series. This series is aimed at providing a professional ROM for advanced users, with all the things you need out-of-the-box.

About: CFC

While originally porting TF3D to QVGA - as partner to the Kaiser D3D/OpenGL Drivers project - I had to make some heavy modifications to the OpenGL interface TF3D used. I also needed to convert the VGA imagery to QVGA.

About: TF3D-QVGA

The original show-off app for the Kaiser D3D/OpenGL Drivers project. Heavy porting and hacking was involved to create this, and many Kaiser ROMs include it these days. Created in co-operation with the HTC Class Action website.

About: WMRegOptimizer

WMRegOptimizer is a small tool that tries to optimize registry access - "defrag" it, if you will. It doesn't perfectly defrag it, but it goes a long way. This results in somewhat faster registry access for applications where this is the bot ...

About: FireROM

FireROM was a prestege thing: the first custom ROM available for the GSM Touch Pro (Raphael). It was basically a stock ROM, cleaned up, tweaked, and adding a couple of very handy programs I personally like to use.

About: Kaiser D3D/OpenGL Drivers

We all know about the driver issues on HTC drivers. In co-operation with the HTC Class Action website and a few other hackers we ported D3D and OpenGL drivers to the HTC Kaiser (TyTN II).

About: ROMCompare

ROMCompare as a tool originally written to detect slight differences between ROMs. With having people test cutting edge things on their devices it is a handy tool for when problems occur and often makes tracking down the problem simple and fast.

About: ICS Install

Many carriers remove the ICS component needed by several Internet Sharing applications. It took some research, cooking and a lot of trial and error, but eventually I was able to create a CAB file that installs this component. Google will help you fin ...

About: WMWifiRouter

WMWifiRouter allows you to share your Windows Mobile phone's internet connection with other device over Wi-Fi. WMWifiRouter was the first application on any phone that could do this.

About: KaiserTweak

KaiserTweak was one of the first XML-based Windows Mobile tweak utilities. Originally written for the Kaiser by me, then maintained by Nika GL, and translated by several enthousiastic users.