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SuperSU: the "dumpstate" situation

A few days ago, I released SuperSU v1.00. Shortly after, it became apparent a number of users were suffering from an issue where dumpstate would request superuser access. Neither accepting nor denying dumpstate would really help, and for some users t ...

"How-To SU" published

How-To SU

PerfMon - Floating Performance Monitor

PerfMon (Floating Performance Monitor) has been released !

adbd Insecure v1.0 has been released !

adbd Insecure lets you run adbd in root mode if your device is rooted.

Windows Mobile 6.x Hackery Explained

This week, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace was closed. The end of an era :)

USB Host Diagnostics released !

USB Host Diagnostics determines your device's USB host capabilities.

Themes across Android versions

This article unveils the secret of having your app's theme look consistent with the rest of the device's UI across all Android versions.

live dmesg v1.50 released

live dmesg is the one and only boot animation replacement that shows the actual dmesg log (kernel debug messages). It looks a bit similar to a BIOS boot. Handy for developers too! Unlike other similar apps, the information you see on screen is real a ...

Wireless ADB

A while ago it was discovered how to use ADB over Wi-Fi. Immediately wanted to make an app for that, however a vacation came in between. When I returned some others had attempted something similar, but I wasn't satisfied, so I still created that app.

ADB Magic v0.7 released!

I got tired of using ADB by hand for a lot of operations, and thought well hey let's write something for that. I know about DDMS and ADB Explorer, but they aren't always exactly what I want/need, so here's ADB Magic :)

Marketplace report parser

As Marketplace does not produce very useful reports, I created my own report parser for it. I've been using it for months now, thought I would share. It isn't exactly user friendly to set up, but once it's up and running it is very handy.

Marketplace price calculator

As converting prices and entering them into the developer portal for Marketplace is a cumbersome and lengthy operation, I've written a small calculator that takes care of most of the work for you. Nothing Microsoft could not have incorporated into th ...

About: MultiActiveSync

About: DriverWiz

From the thread on XDA-Developers:

About: ROMCompare

ROMCompare as a tool originally written to detect slight differences between ROMs. With having people test cutting edge things on their devices it is a handy tool for when problems occur and often makes tracking down the problem simple and fast.

About: ChainfireBuild

ChainfireBuild is a web project 'build tool' taking care of various things related to CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Apache.

About: PAR2Lib

From the PAR2Lib site: