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Zenithink: When OEMs turn to piracy

You might have heard of Zenithink, a fairly well-known Chinese manufacturer of budget Android tablets. Let me tell you a little story about their business practices.

ExynosAbuse APK released !

Yesterday, alephzain released details on a new exploit for Exynos4-based devices on XDA. After validating it worked, the first thing I did was relay the information to every Samsung Engineer I have a business card from - and I know it is being escala ...

Whatever happened to CFluent ?

Some of you might remember me in the past months having mentioned a project ("CFluent", "see fluent", "CF-luent" ;)) to improve fluidity of the Android UI.

Triangle Away vs Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S III update for Triangle Away I have just released, may be one of the last - if not the last - iteration of Triangle Away.

Is Google blocking apps writing to SD cards ?

Ok, so the subject is a little misleading. A more complete question would be:

(SGS2/KI) Samsung removes USB host support, patches bootloaders

The first official Android 2.3.4 series firmwares (KI) for the Samsung Galaxy S2 are now finally available.

conflipper: "fin"

Just saw this on twitter (which by itself is weird, is I hardly ever go there):

Premature ramblings about WP7

So, yesterday was Microsoft's press conference about Windows Phone 7 Series. I'm sure we all saw it and many have written up their responses to it. I thought to let it sink it in for a day before writing about it, and that day has now passed. There a ...

Some news on WM7 from posted some a Windows Mobile 7 preview (click) with some slightly different information than (at least I) previously heard.

HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch v1.1 released

The name says it all. Once again, HTC fails at drivers.

Marketplace "advanced" "copy protection" cracked

As posted in the XDA thread here:

Marketplace "copy protection" cracked

Marketplace "copy protection" cracked ("standard") - method not disclosed:

More bad news about Alessandra

Alessandra has passed away on May 24th. Wish LTXDA and family strength through this very difficult time!


As some of you may know the latest update to CFC enabled UltraHQ mode - PNG quality inside QTC files.

A two year old girl needs your help!

This is a follow-up to my previous post about Alessandra.

Bad news about Alessandra

As most of you will know, my good friend - and sometimes business advisor - and XDA-Developers member LTxda (known for various projects, including the "Project" ROM series) spread the word about his almost-two-year-old daughter having melan ...

Sakajati [Hyperdragon] in trouble?

XDA-Developers member wg5566 posted some bad news over in this thread.