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CFC and CFC GUI updated to 0.60

CFC and CFC GUI have been updated to version 0.60 and 0.60.35 respectively.

CFC 0.60 in testing

CFC 0.60 is in testing by some chefs right now. The CFC GUI app is not fully compatible with Manila/Sense 2.5+ yet, but the basic functions to be able to create a CFC compressed package should work now.

CFC updated to 0.55

CFC and CFC GUI have been updated to version 0.55 and 0.55.25 respectively.

Higher ratio on CFC compression

Seems I overlooked something when building the CFC compressor. After revisiting it in my head today over my morning coffee and ciggarette, a very obvious optimization struck me.


As some of you may know the latest update to CFC enabled UltraHQ mode - PNG quality inside QTC files.

About: CFC

While originally porting TF3D to QVGA - as partner to the Kaiser D3D/OpenGL Drivers project - I had to make some heavy modifications to the OpenGL interface TF3D used. I also needed to convert the VGA imagery to QVGA.