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CFC 0.60 in testing

CFC 0.60 is in testing by some chefs right now. The CFC GUI app is not fully compatible with Manila/Sense 2.5+ yet, but the basic functions to be able to create a CFC compressed package should work now.

RC4: Raphael Elite Project ROM [GSM]

RC4 of the Raphael Elite Project ROM [GSM] is being released by MrVanx as I write this.

About: Raphael Elite Project ROM

The Raphael Elite Project ROM is the Touch Pro version of the well know "Project" series. This series is aimed at providing a professional ROM for advanced users, with all the things you need out-of-the-box.

About: FireROM

FireROM was a prestege thing: the first custom ROM available for the GSM Touch Pro (Raphael). It was basically a stock ROM, cleaned up, tweaked, and adding a couple of very handy programs I personally like to use.