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Weird Firefox cache issue (imagetoolbar)

While testing some pages that were supposed to cached for five minutes in Firefox (3.6.3, Win32) we noticed the pages weren't being cached properly. It seemed Firefox would only cache the page once, in other words, reload the page every other request ...

CakePHP and performance (for noobs)

For a couple of new web projects we are looking at CakePHP. One of my employees suggested it as he has some experience with it, and it has a good reputation as MVC framework. We did look at other frameworks, but looking at the benchmark others did th ...

TD2 and TP2 review

YouWantThat posted my review about the Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz) and Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium).

The blog is open!

Well, my blog is now open for business. I have added lots of information about my projects to it. You may notice they have 'post dates' long into the past, I did this on purpose to show when the project was created (round and about). From now on, eve ...

About: golbXAJA

The golbXAJA software this blog runs on was written as a proof-of-concept two years ago. I had some ideas I needed to test out with how to handle a complete AJAX page, dynamic loading, etc, while still maintaining full non-AJAX compatibility, Google' ...

About: ChainfireBuild

ChainfireBuild is a web project 'build tool' taking care of various things related to CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Apache.