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[TUT] Supporting multiple icons in your app

After a lot of noise about the icon to use for SuperSU, I finally released SuperSU v1.00 in late January 2013, with support for multiple icons that the user could pick from.

SuperSU: the "dumpstate" situation

A few days ago, I released SuperSU v1.00. Shortly after, it became apparent a number of users were suffering from an issue where dumpstate would request superuser access. Neither accepting nor denying dumpstate would really help, and for some users t ...

SuperSU v1.00 has been released !

I have just released version 1.00 of SuperSU on both Google Play as well as XDA. This article serves as the release notes - for a bullet-point list of changes, see the changelog post on XDA.

[Vote] SuperSU Icon Competition

A lot has been said about the SuperSU icon. Many were unhappy with the original icon, saying it lacked quality. After changing it to Super Andy, many complained the icon was not serious enough. Just as many people wrote me to say they loved Super And ...

ExynosAbuse APK released !

Yesterday, alephzain released details on a new exploit for Exynos4-based devices on XDA. After validating it worked, the first thing I did was relay the information to every Samsung Engineer I have a business card from - and I know it is being escala ...

"How-To SU" published

How-To SU

PerfMon - Floating Performance Monitor

PerfMon (Floating Performance Monitor) has been released !

[Submit] SuperSU Icon Competition

A lot has been said about the SuperSU icon. Many were unhappy with the original icon, saying it lacked quality. After changing it to Super Andy, many complained the icon was not serious enough. Just as many people wrote me to say they loved Super And ...

MBA13/2012: OSX + Win7 + Shared exFAT

13" MacBook Air 2012: Mac OS X + Windows 7 + shared exFAT partition

CF-Root for SGS3 released !

CF-Root now also has an SGS3 variant ! Head over to the thread on XDA for more details !

adbd Insecure v1.0 has been released !

adbd Insecure lets you run adbd in root mode if your device is rooted.

Windows Mobile 6.x Hackery Explained

This week, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace was closed. The end of an era :)

Samsung Galaxy SIII rooted !

The Samsung Galaxy S III isn't even out yet, but we have achieved root on it. Here's a link with more details:

Back button position doesn't really matter ?

A few days ago a video of an SGS3 engineering sample was leaked. If you've seen it, you might have noticed that the back button and multi-tasking button have switched places versus the Google reference positioning. On the sample the button layout is ...

SuperSU v0.70 has been released !

SuperSU is a Superuser replacement app I wrote due to some issues I kept having with Superuser.

TriangleAway has been released !

TriangleAway can reset the flash counter and warning triangle on your Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS builds only). The download and technical details can be found, as usual, on

USB Host Diagnostics released !

USB Host Diagnostics determines your device's USB host capabilities.

Remote Release released !

Remote Release has been released to the Android Market and

DSLR Controller updated; SGS2 and SG Note supported again!

DSLR Controller has been updated again. While I normally do not write about a single update, this one brings support for various Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices (if rooted) that were not (or no longer) supported, like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Sa ...

CF.lumen for Chainfire3D released !

CF.lumen changes the colors of your Android device's display based on the position of the sun. With the default settings, your display will get a warmer tint (lower color temperature) when the sun is down, to look more like indoor lighting and less l ...

CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy Note released

After the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and Samsung Galaxy S2, CF-Root is now also available for the Samsung Galaxy Note !

DSLR Controller released

DSLR Controller BETA has just been released on Market! DSLR Controller is the first and only app to control your Canon EOS DSLR directly from your Android device using USB (USB host support required). No laptops or computers needed, no root needed, j ...

NoMoarPowah! has been released

NoMoarPowah! replaces that boring charging animation when your phone is turned off but connected to the charger with a fully functional program!

CF-Bench v1.0 released !

CF-Bench is (mainly) CPU and memory benchmark tool specifically designed to be able to handle multi-core devices, produce a fairly stable score, and test both native as well managed code performance.

CF-Root v3.5 for SGS2

Yet another device gets my popular CF-Root (binary hacked stock) kernel !

SGS2 SIM Unlock code finder released

This app finds the SIM unlock code for your SGS2.

Chainfire3D v1.0 released

Chainfire3D v1.0 has been released !

CF3D :: NightMode released !

As a first public test of the CF3D ("Chainfire3D") OpenGL ES proxy driver for Android, I have released the "NightMode" application.

GingerBreak released

The GingerBreak APK is a wrapper around the newly released GingerBreak exploit (credits to The Android Exploid Crew), which is meant to attain root access on GingerBread. This specific exploit may work on various Froyo and Honeycomb versions as well.

live dmesg v1.50 released

live dmesg is the one and only boot animation replacement that shows the actual dmesg log (kernel debug messages). It looks a bit similar to a BIOS boot. Handy for developers too! Unlike other similar apps, the information you see on screen is real a ...

CF-Root (SGS) updated a lot, now at 2.8

CF-Root for the SGS has been updated quite a number of times the past week due to the major Gingerbread leak (the first Gingerbread leak was "meh", this one rocks your socks off).

Galaxy Tab Bootloaders Patch released !

The bootloader patch for Samsung Galaxy Tab has finally been released. It flashes back unprotected bootloaders over the protected bootloaders, so can flash custom kernels again.

CF-Root v2.2 for SGT

CF-Root is now also available for the Galaxy Tab.

SuperPower v0.60 released !

SuperPower (Android) is an application that attempts to save battery power by controlling various power hungry components and features of the device. Its features include managment of the cellular data connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CPU speed and 2G/3 ...

CF-Root updated

CF-Root is now at 1.1, and supports the following kernels: JPH, JPK, JP6, JPM. Enjoy!

CF-Root v1.0 (JPH, I9000) released

Finally a root for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 JPH firmware that doesn't involve a fair number of reboots, flashes and battery pulls. One single ODIN PDA flash of a few megabytes and JPH is rooted. It also comes with Superuser and BusyBox, and downgra ...

Wireless ADB

A while ago it was discovered how to use ADB over Wi-Fi. Immediately wanted to make an app for that, however a vacation came in between. When I returned some others had attempted something similar, but I wasn't satisfied, so I still created that app.

CFLagFix for SGS v1.0 released !

Just released yet another lag fix utility for the Samsung Galaxy S. It has some features other lagfixes do not, but is also largely untested.

ADB Magic v0.7 released!

I got tired of using ADB by hand for a lot of operations, and thought well hey let's write something for that. I know about DDMS and ADB Explorer, but they aren't always exactly what I want/need, so here's ADB Magic :)

Turbo3D v3.0 *FINAL* released

Turbo3D v3.0 (formerly known as HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch) has been released both on XDA and Marketplace (experiment).

2.60 BETA release HD2 3D drivers

Time for another update!

2.50 BETA release HD2 3D drivers

There's a new BETA version (2.50) of my HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch out. I need some non-stock-ROM, Expo, TG-01 and S200/F1 testers :)

HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch v2.0 released !

Version 2.0 of my HD2 3D driver patch has been released. This version brings full configuration of the driver settings (+ UI).

WMLongLife 0.66 released!

WMLongLife has been updated to v0.66. The only changes are a small bugfix regarding background connections and the removal of the timebomb.

nzbSCAN v0.5 released

Tired of downloading password protected RARs from usenet? nzbSCAN may be of assistance. Been sitting on this for a while, though it is far from finished you might like it already.

mmTask 1.2 released on Marketplace

Today (March 12) mmTask 1.2 was released on Marketplace. 1.0 had been available for a while, but still had some issues - as some of the comments on Marketplace also state.

Marketplace report parser

As Marketplace does not produce very useful reports, I created my own report parser for it. I've been using it for months now, thought I would share. It isn't exactly user friendly to set up, but once it's up and running it is very handy.

LG Expo GSensor

Due to excessive nagging primarily from jug6ernaut but also a few others, I've attempted to make a HTC GSensor Emulator for the LG Expo GSensor.

AutoClosePatch 1.1 released

Updated to 1.1 on 24 February 2010

Marketplace price calculator

As converting prices and entering them into the developer portal for Marketplace is a cumbersome and lengthy operation, I've written a small calculator that takes care of most of the work for you. Nothing Microsoft could not have incorporated into th ...

Chainfire is now a moderator on XDA

As the title states, I am now a moderator on XDA. This means I will have to constrain myself a bit in the things I say, but probably well worth it.

WP7 can run WM6 apps (

This just in through Windows Phone 7 Series can run Windows Mobile 6.x applications!

Premature ramblings about WP7

So, yesterday was Microsoft's press conference about Windows Phone 7 Series. I'm sure we all saw it and many have written up their responses to it. I thought to let it sink it in for a day before writing about it, and that day has now passed. There a ...

WMLongLife 0.65 released!

Small bugfix update release. However it also comes with a small API now!

MultASync 0.80 released

MultASync 0.80 has been released (BETA!). Check out the thread at XDA-Developers.

SensorLib: a peek at the future

So, we all know many new devices have much of the same sensors: GSensor, Compass, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, etc.

WMWifiRouter wins Silver in Samsung contest

Well as you all know I hardly post anything about WMWifiRouter on this blog, as that is the domain of Morose Media these days.

HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch v1.1 released

The name says it all. Once again, HTC fails at drivers.

CFC and CFC GUI updated to 0.60

CFC and CFC GUI have been updated to version 0.60 and 0.60.35 respectively.

TF3D v1.3 port for Omnia II (and similar devices) released

The subject says it all:

CFC 0.60 in testing

CFC 0.60 is in testing by some chefs right now. The CFC GUI app is not fully compatible with Manila/Sense 2.5+ yet, but the basic functions to be able to create a CFC compressed package should work now.

First version of OpenGLv1 for Omnia II released

The first version of the OpenGL v1 (and HTC) compatibility layer for the Omnia II, Omnia Pro (QWERTY) and Giorgio Armani 2 has been released by GinKage at Modaco.

About: RoamFreely

RoamFreely (formerly a part of WMLongLife) is an application to automatically disable data connections when roaming and re-enabling when not roaming, all in one easy service.

FPU Enabler v0.70 released!

Small update to FPU Enabler, to fix the crash issue among other things. Some more instructions supported as well (though not all of them very useful).

About: FPU Enabler

See my post at Modaco, also for the actual download:

WMLongLife 0.61 released!

WMLongLife version 0.61.205 has been released. Alas not nearly everything I wanted to fix has been fixed. Next update :)

MultASync 0.75 released!

MultASync 0.75 has been released (BETA!). Check out the thread at XDA-Developers.

GfxBoost 1.2 released

GfxBoost [HTC-MSM7K] has been updated to version 1.2. See the thread at

WMLongLife 0.60 released!

WMLongLife 0.60 has finally been released to the general public!

WMLongLife 0.50 BETA

As posted in the thread, I'm opening up WMLongLife 0.50 for a select few BETA testers ... right now!

About: TP2 1% Increment Battery Driver

I promised in one of the threads here that I would look into our (EU !) Rhodiums only reporting battery in 10% increments. As I received my Rhodiums today I did look into this. However, I didn't figure it out. I did see the structure of the battery d ...

Higher ratio on CFC compression

Seems I overlooked something when building the CFC compressor. After revisiting it in my head today over my morning coffee and ciggarette, a very obvious optimization struck me.

WMLongLife for CDMA

Thanks to some heavy use of IDA, and hack-testing by Dan-<device>, Conflipper and AstainHellbring, it seems we have figured out 2G/3G band switching for MSM7K CDMA (MSM75xx). In this case, 2G is 1xRTT only, 3G is Hybrid, and 3G 'Force' is EV-DO ...

Happy birthday to me!

It seems my 10th 18th birthday ;) passed without any authorities involved this year - the party spanned two days. Ludicrous amounts of beer and scotch were consumed (and brought) by many a visitor. Good times, good times.