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A two year old girl needs your help!

This is a follow-up to my previous post about Alessandra.

Alessandra is LTxda's daugher. If you're here and you don't know LTxda (you must be new here), he's one of the minds and organiser of the Athena Project, the Shift Project, the Raphael Elite Project, and the upcoming Rhodium Elite Project (sorry for breaking the news). These are well known ROMs aimed at pro users and very popular. Aside from this, LTxda is well known in the XDA and PPCGeeks communities for various other projects and small contributions. He's done a lot for our mobile communities.

His daughter needs your help. She is suffering from cancer (melanoma) and doctors have already given up on her while there's still a chance. Obviously, LTxda and his family did not, and neither should we! While LTxda is a "self-made man", medical costs like these and the associated searches for viable treatments can out-cost even the best of men. LTxda needs our help, his daughter needs our help, his family needs our help.

A member of our community is in need of help, are you going to leave him hanging? Surely you can miss a few dollars to help out. It doesn't have to be a lot - all the small things help!

Here's LTxda's own post:


This is probably the hardest thing for me to do next to waiting for my daughter to die in my arms.

I come here only because I know the community and have worked with many of you and for many of you to better the community.

I hate to do this but if it's for my daughter I will do anything.

My daughter is too weak for the trial at the NIH. But she's strong and up and about. The tumors are growing fast and overtaking her little body. Doctors have all said, from M.D. Anderson in Houston to the NIH In Maryland, that this is the most aggressive Melanoma they have ever seen and these are world wide experts.

My point is this. We're not giving up. Those that have kids will understand. Those that don't have kids might or might not understand. I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON MY DAUGHTER and if this post makes me look stupid or weak, then you really don't understand and you have the right to stop reading this RIGHT NOW.

What I'm asking is for everyone to help me by donating money. Yes money. I'm a well off person. Those that know me know I make a good living BUT the many weeks I've spent at the hospital with my daughter and the medical bills is catching up to my pocket. I've had expenses that would blow you away, unless you're filthy rich. That said, I'm continuing to look for alternatives for my daughter WHILE SHE'S ALIVE. For the treatment at the NIH she wasn't strong enough they said but they didn't even give her a chance. We're a family of fighters and I never beg but I am begging now and will continue this fight until the very end. If you have kids i know you would do the exact same for your child, God forbid this ever happen to any of you. If you guys can help by donating just $1 or $5 or whatever, I don't care just help it would be great. I'm trying to raise money not to pay my bills but to pay for flights and hotel stays and to even talk to other doctors for alternatives that my insurance won't cover. For alternatives that the average medical doctor won't even consider. Another bottom line, they sent my daughter home to die. Well we don't die in piece nor without a fight in my family and I'm asking everyone here to help me and my daughter in this fight and am straight up asking for some sort of financial support.

Many of you have donated to improve your devices by donating to the projects our team leads up and have also donated to this great forum. I'm asking to donate to help us try and save a child's life daughter's life. Call it begging, call it what you will but I won't let pride stand in the way of a possible cure for my child.

Those able and willing to help can donate via paypal by visiting

If you were going to donate to me for my programs, tools, expertise, posts, whatever, donate to support LTxda and his family instead.