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[Submit] SuperSU Icon Competition

A lot has been said about the SuperSU icon. Many were unhappy with the original icon, saying it lacked quality. After changing it to Super Andy, many complained the icon was not serious enough. Just as many people wrote me to say they loved Super Andy, as there were who hated it.

So, I've decided to have a little competition. Everybody may submit their icon propositions for a while, after which we will publicly have a vote for which icon will become the new SuperSU icon.


- I reserve the right to veto any icon I really don't like, or doesn't fit with the rest of the application
- Participating means you give up any copyrights and royalties and such for the icons you submit
- The icon should be clearly identifyable at 48x48 pixels
- Please stick to the current Android colors. Blue definitely has my personal preference, as it matches the program accents. Resize and place your icon inside the app's screenshots to make sure it fits color-wise
- You might also want to look at Android iconography (and the rest of the Android design section, really)


You must create a ZIP file containing the icon in the following sizes in PNG(+alpha) format:
- 18x18
- 24x24
- 36x36
- 48x48
- 72x72
- 96x96
- 512x512

You may email that ZIP file to icon @

Do not include your PSD file - send that one when you actually win ;)

Current contestants

All submitted icons up for voting can be found here:

I definitely have some favorites !

(last updated December 31)