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[Vote] SuperSU Icon Competition

A lot has been said about the SuperSU icon. Many were unhappy with the original icon, saying it lacked quality. After changing it to Super Andy, many complained the icon was not serious enough. Just as many people wrote me to say they loved Super Andy, as there were who hated it.

So, a few months ago I decided to have an icon competition, where everybody could send in their icon for consideration - to see if they could do better. About 150 icons have been submitted, and now it is time to vote!

Of course, Super Andy is still there and you can vote for him if you want things to stay the same :)

The voting page can be found here:

It's no use voting multiple times, only your last submit will count.

How long will the voting run ?
I have not set an exact date, I'll probably keep the voting open as long as there is substantial voting activity, within reasonable limits (a few weeks at most). I would like to use the winner in the upcoming SuperSU v1.00, but there's no set release date for that either.

Will there be multiple rounds ?
Probably not. If the top few voted icons are very close, I might hold a second round with only those icons, but I doubt that will be the case.

In case the winning icon completely goes against the Android Launcher Icon Design Guidelines and/or simply doesn't work with the Holo color scheme in the app, I reserve the right to go with the icon next in line.