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About: DriverWiz

From the thread on XDA-Developers:

"Lately I've seen a lot of posts by people who are trying to replace WM internal or driver DLLs, either for hacking/testing or to release. Aside from the possibility they are just doing something that won't work in the first place, I've seen failure a lot of times because files aren't properly signed, or if they are, the certificate in question not being in the right certificate stores for it to have any effect. On some ROMs it will still work due to patched NK.EXE, on others it won't, its just not very reliable.

So, I present you with the correct way of doing this by means of a small tool that will do this for you: DriverWiz. It will take care of most of the stuff, and leave you room for additions. You will however still need some basic knowledge of the command line, if you don't have that, you have no business doing anything like this anyways."

This is really a simple script, but somebody had to make it. It has primarily been used in the radio threads for the rilphone DLL.

The thread on XDA-Developers is here.