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WMLongLife for CDMA

Thanks to some heavy use of IDA, and hack-testing by Dan-<device>, Conflipper and AstainHellbring, it seems we have figured out 2G/3G band switching for MSM7K CDMA (MSM75xx). In this case, 2G is 1xRTT only, 3G is Hybrid, and 3G 'Force' is EV-DO only.

I assure you, it was a ***** to figure out, as everything had to be done remotely - I have no CDMA devices, and if I did, there wouldn't be any coverage. Thats one more score for WMLongLife world domination!

So, it seems the next version of WMLongLife will support at least the following:

MSM72xx - recent (mostly HTC built) GSM devices
MSM75xx - recent (mostly HTC built) CDMA devices
Samsung - i780 and Omnia (GSM only)

Added up, thats easily more than half of all WM devices out there right now.