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About: TP2 1% Increment Battery Driver

I promised in one of the threads here that I would look into our (EU !) Rhodiums only reporting battery in 10% increments. As I received my Rhodiums today I did look into this. However, I didn't figure it out. I did see the structure of the battery driver and recalled no2chem mentioned a similar structure for the CDMA Touch Pro (1) - not like the GSM Touch Pro (1). So I hooked up with him on IRC and he pretty much held my hand making a 1% increment battery driver for the TP2.

So I learned a new trick and made this, all of the credit is to no2chem. I just extracted the files, sent them to him, had him walk me through the changes (and have him explain how and why), packaged it up, and this is the result. Tested on my own TP2!

no2chem's donation link is here:

Obviously, for the 1% incremental battery icons on the taskbar you will still need an icon pack and the registry entries. Refer to your favorite taskbar mod for this.

By the way, keep an eye out for no2chem's improved battery drivers - he also showed me how to do USB fastcharge and the likes. I will not mess with this, but I'm sure one day he will :)

The XDA-Developers thread is here: