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About: MultiActiveSync

"Are you one of those people that has multiple Windows Mobile devices you need to hook up to single computer regularly? If you are and you're like me, there will be much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth at this procedure.

My main computer regularly has 5 or more WM devices connected over USB at the same time (keeps them all powered, heehee). Which one is connected to ActiveSync or WMDC at any given time is apparently random, and getting it to use one specific device is a real pain (either disconnect, power/suspend cycle, or enable/disable network adapters in a certain order).

"MultiActiveSync" seeks to alleviate all this frustration. It's a tray icon with a popup menu which shows which device is currently using ActiveSync / WMDC and allows you to easily switch between them. Simple as that!

Also, when you connect a 'new' device, it will automatically switch ActiveSync / WMDC to that instead of an already connected device.

However, there are a few caveats, which is why there is no download yet. This thingy talks to drivers, and this is potentially dangerous (though unlikely to muck anything up). Also, I have only been able to test it on Windows 7 x64 myself, though I believe it will work on XP, Vista, Vista x64 and Windows 7 x86 as well.

I realise the use for an app like this is limited to only a handful of people (probably just a few phone nuts like myself and some chefs) but if anyone wants to test a preliminary far-from-finished version, either hop into IRC (preferred, see link in my signature) or drop me a PM.

I'm not sure about the name either, if you have a better idea what to call it, speak up.

Please note that I have done nothing with BT (yet).

That is all!"

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