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SensorLib: a peek at the future

So, we all know many new devices have much of the same sensors: GSensor, Compass, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, etc.

The problem is no common APIs exist, and most dev's only support HTC and occasionally Samsung (usually through SDK). As I am now working on some cool things that will make use of these sensors, I have started an effort to make a library that supports all of them through a common interface. While of course there is Koushik Dutta's awesome C# project supporting various HTC and Samsung sensors, this was not enough to my liking as I don't believe in managed code for "base" libraries nor do I think it supports enough brands / models.

Luckily WM7 is rumored to bring a true unified sensor API, but until that time...

Currently my library only supports GSensor and Compass, but I am working on the other sensors!

GSensor support:
- Samsung SDK 2.x
- Samsung SDK 1.x
- Samsung < 2009 raw
- Samsung >= 2009 raw
- E-Ten/Acer
- Toshiba
- LG

As far as I know it is the only software not licensed by LG that can actually use the LG GSensor, and it is definitely the only library that supports as many different brands and sensor models!

Compass support:
- Samsung SDK 2.x

Planned light sensor support:
- Samsung SDK 2.x
- Samsung SDK 1.x
- LG

Planned proximity sensor support:
- Samsung SDK 2.x
- LG

GSensor and Compass (if available) have so far been tested on the following devices (Samsung's using various APIs):

- HTC Touch Diamond
- HTC Touch Pro
- HTC Touch HD
- HTC Touch Diamond 2
- HTC Touch Pro 2
- Samsung Omnia I900
- Samsung Omnia II I8000
- Samsung Omnia II I920 tested by surgex
- Samsung Omnia Pro B7610
- Samsung Giorgio Armani II B7620
- Acer M900 tested by hdubli
- Acer F900 tested by hdubli
- Acer F1 / neoTouch S200 tested by hdubli
- Toshiba TG-01 tested by Paul Diston (SmartMobileDevice)
- LG Expo / IQ / Monaco tested by Jug6ernaut

All devices tested by myself unless stated otherwise. I hope to add more sensors and devices soon!

Also, at the time of writing, all sensors work on all devices in unattended mode (!!) except for the original Samsung Omnia.

EDIT#1: Seems LG Expo GSensor really doesn't work in unattended mode for the moment. Under investigation!
EDIT#2: OK LG Expo GSensor does work in unattended mode with my mods, jug6ernaut just made a mistake with testing.