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About: Project Entropia Assistant

Project Entropia Assistant (PE Ass) is a game mod for Entropia Universe (formerly known as Project Entropia).

Back in the day, you could not run Entropia Universe (EU) in windowed mode. This being a fairly complicated MMORPG with a Real Cash Economy (RCE), and a lot information you need being available on-line through user sites, the task-switching became undoable.

This is why I built PE Ass, which tapped into DirectX to bring you in-game menus and windows. Its features included an in-game webbrowser, screenshot maker / manager, calculator, notepad, game-world maps, EU wiki access, daily trade rates for in-game items, auction access and of course Winamp and Foobar2000 control and display.

At some point, windowed mode was added to EU, after which PEAss usage (understandably) dropped. I have also mostly disappeared from the game itself years ago, and never bothered to continue development on it.

Note that EU was the first place I used the "Chainfire" handle.

This project has been abandoned some time ago, the old website can be found here. There is also a discussion thread on EntropiaForum, which can be found here.