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Wireless ADB

A while ago it was discovered how to use ADB over Wi-Fi. Immediately wanted to make an app for that, however a vacation came in between. When I returned some others had attempted something similar, but I wasn't satisfied, so I still created that app.

The operation mode can be set to Automatic, USB (forced) and Wireless (forced). It also supports configuring the port for ADB to listen on, automatic partial wake and Wi-Fi locks (active whenever ADB is in wireless mode - both forced and automatic), broadcasting the current IP and port, status bar notifications showing the information needed to connect, and a Wi-Fi network whitelist.

It even comes with a (Windows, .NET 2.0) desktop application to automate the connection process! The desktop app supports multiple devices and connection preferences as well, and lives in your system tray.

The Automatic mode is where all the magic is. It will automatically enable wireless mode for ADB whenever the phone is on one of the whitelisted networks, but (optionally) not if you are connected through USB, and (optionally) keeping the CPU and Wi-Fi awake while wirelessly connected.

In my environment, with multiple Android developers and even more Android devices, my main Android development device is usually hooked up through USB. However, when I disconnect it and turn Wi-Fi on (or if it was already on to begin with), Wireless ADB automatically switches to wireless mode, and the Wireless ADB Listener application on my computer will immediately detect the connection and setup ADB. And if I plug the device back in, ADB will switch back to USB mode automatically as well!

At the same time, when one of my other Android devices switches to wireless mode, the listener application will prompt if I want to connect, and it will completely ignore the Android devices that are not mine.

Wireless ADB has now reached version 1.0 and is available from the Android Market.