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SuperPower v0.60 released !

SuperPower (Android) is an application that attempts to save battery power by controlling various power hungry components and features of the device. Its features include managment of the cellular data connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CPU speed and 2G/3G band. It does all this automagically based on the options you configure.

It is far from finished yet, but it already comes with a fairly elaborate feature set:

Control over
- Cellular data
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- CPU speed * ROOT *
- Bands (2G/3G) * ROOT *

Automatic management of the above based on
- Screen state
- Wi-Fi network connection state
- Lock screen visibility state
- Download speed
- Foreground application
- Tethering state
- Low battery state
- Charging state


- Schedule data connection to be available at certain times

- Informative toasts in response to user actions

- Status bar notifications about the current state, which you can tap to change

- Provides handy shortcuts you can add to the home screen for easy access of a number of functions

The current release is very BETA. Keep that mind. All discussion about this project should currently happen in its thread on XDA-Developers. See that link for more details. The download itself is in the Marketplace.