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CF-Root (SGS) updated a lot, now at 2.8

CF-Root for the SGS has been updated quite a number of times the past week due to the major Gingerbread leak (the first Gingerbread leak was "meh", this one rocks your socks off).

So many new features and fixes, it's hard to keep track. Since the release before this spur of updates, things that have been added are (among others):

- Integrated CWM3 (with fallback to 3e for system updates), with both RFS(!) and EXT4 support
- CWM Manager, a new CWM control app because ROM Manager never works
- Several performance tweaks run at startup
- Tweak Manager, the app to configure which performance tweaks to use
- ext4 Manager, the app to convert between rfs <=> ext4 and back
- Support for custom boot scripts
- Support for custom boot animations
- Etc!