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About: KaiserTweak

KaiserTweak was one of the first XML-based Windows Mobile tweak utilities. Originally written for the Kaiser by me, then maintained by Nika GL, and translated by several enthousiastic users.

Both DiamondTweak and HDTweak are based on KaiserTweak, though it seems the "author" of those sometimes fails to give me credit for making the actual program.

Official KaiserTweak website is here.
The discussion thread on XDA-Developers is here.
NikaGL's latest XML updates are here.

DiamondTweak can be found here.
HDTweak can be found here.

I am no longer working on this project - it has been surpassed by Advanced Configuration Tool. Though it seems still not all features from KaiserTweak are supported, that goes both ways.