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CFC 0.60 in testing

CFC 0.60 is in testing by some chefs right now. The CFC GUI app is not fully compatible with Manila/Sense 2.5+ yet, but the basic functions to be able to create a CFC compressed package should work now.

The on-device runtime has been updated as well as some part of CFC GUI.

The trick is, the new TF3D introduces 4 new image formats that had to be deciphered. Not a really big deal actually, just required a bit of testing and such.

FYI, the new QTC formats are:
- 8888 RGBA
- X888 RGB (didn't actually find a file with this format, so it remains untested)
- 565 RGB
- 4444 RGBA

As stated, it is now being tested by some chefs for base compatibility testing. CFC GUI itself will probably need some more updating to be usable by the "common" user.

Also, tech thread needs heavy updating as well :)

Stay tunred!