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About: CFC

While originally porting TF3D to QVGA - as partner to the Kaiser D3D/OpenGL Drivers project - I had to make some heavy modifications to the OpenGL interface TF3D used. I also needed to convert the VGA imagery to QVGA.

At the time, very little was known about how the graphics format worked, and as new information was uncovered, features were added to the CFC tool to manage manipulating these files.

At some point, I added extra compression to these files, severely reducing TF3D's ROM footprint, and actually making it a lot faster.

Together with mainly D-MAN666 and 6Fg8 we finally completely figured out the format, how to decode/encode these files, and documented pretty much everything there is to know about - all this information can be found in the CFC tech reference thread, as well as documentation on how to patch TF3D to be able to use CFC compressed images, the feature-set, and needed support files.

As current image manipulation tools were not ideal for editing TF3D imagery, I created a new editor called CFC GUI. Right now it is THE defacto TF3D image editor. It has its own seperate thread from CFC